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Retrieve a customer

Retrieves an identified saved customer resource through the unique customer_id parameter, generated upon customer creation.



  • customer_id string

    Unique ID of the customer.

  • personal_details object

    Personal details for the customer.

  • first_name string

    First name of the customer.

  • last_name string

    Last name of the customer.

  • email string

    Email address of the customer.

  • phone string

    Phone number of the customer.

  • birthdate date

    Date of birth of the customer.

  • address object

    Account's personal address information.

  • city string

    City name from the address.

  • country string

    Two letter country code formatted according to ISO3166-1 alpha-2.

  • line1 string

    First line of the address with details of the street name and number.

  • line2 string

    Second line of the address with details of the building, unit, apartment, and floor numbers.

  • postal_code string

    Postal code from the address.

  • state string

    State name or abbreviation from the address.