Card Reader Payments

You can accept card payments using SumUp’s platform accompanied by our proprietary Card Terminals available in these European countries, Brazil, Chile and the USA. You can offer a complete user journey through the payment flow with our SDK or you can approach a lightweight integration with our API, using the SumUp app to execute payments.


SumUp merchants operate in various industry segments and we have made sure our card terminals are fit to accommodate a wide range of use cases and business approaches. We have outlined our merchants' most favoured ones, along with what they find most beneficial from our services:

In order to fulfil other industries' business needs, you are offered a range of integration options through the Payment SDK and the API sections, and also a full list of available services through the API reference section.

Communication with the terminal

The SDK and API Switch handle all communication with SumUp’s Card Terminal(s) via Bluetooth (BLE 4.0).


No sensitive data will ever be passed through or stored on the merchant’s phone. All data is encrypted by the card terminal which is certified by the relevant payment industry groups (PCI, EMV I & II, Visa, MasterCard and Amex).