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List settings

Retrieves merchant settings.



  • tax_enabled boolean

    Whether to show tax in receipts (saved per transaction)

  • payout_type string

    Payout type

  • payout_period string

    Payout frequency

  • payout_on_demand_available boolean

    Whether merchant can edit payouts on demand

  • payout_on_demand boolean

    Whether merchant will receive payouts on demand

  • printers_enabled boolean

    Whether to show printers in mobile app

  • payout_instrument string

    Payout Instrument

  • moto_payment string

    Possible values: [UNAVAILABLE, ENFORCED, ON, OFF]

    Whether merchant can make MOTO payments

  • stone_merchant_code string

    Stone merchant code

  • adyen_merchant_code string

    Adyen merchant code

  • adyen_user string

    Adyen username

  • adyen_password string

    Adyen password

  • adyen_company string

    Adyen company

  • daily_payout_email boolean

    Whether merchant will receive daily payout emails

  • monthly_payout_email boolean

    Whether merchant will receive monthly payout emails

  • gross_settlement boolean

    Whether merchant has gross settlement enabled