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Accept payments with PrestaShop

For PrestaShop you can use the SumUp Payment module plugin, which requires a few configurations in your SumUp dashboard.

Download PrestaShop Plugin


  1. To get started you will need an active SumUp account. As an authorised Payment Institution by the Central Bank of Ireland, SumUp will require certain documents to verify you as the individual and owner of the business you're registering with. Please make sure your business model is supported by SumUp, according to our allowed businesses article.

Currently the Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are not available in SumUp plugins. We are working on it and will soon be able to offer APMs in plugins.


  1. Log into your SumUp account
  2. Navigate to the Developers section in the SumUp Dashboard
  3. Scroll down to the "OAuth - Create Client Credentials" section and generate Client Credentials as per the register application guide or this video
  4. Under "Authorized redirect URL" enter the URL of the redirection page your customers will see to confirm their payment. If you don't have one or don't know the link, please enter the URL of your home page
  5. Download the JSON file and upload it to the "Module Configuration" page in your PrestaShop Backoffice
  6. Once your account is fully verified by SumUp, contact us to request enabling of the online payments scope for your PrestaShop online store

SumUp Payment Gateway for PrestaShop

Once you receive a confirmation from SumUp you’re fully set-up! Please note that the smallest amount that you can accept through SumUp is 1 EUR (or equivalent).


Need help? Contact our customer service for assistance.