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Deactivate a checkout

Deactivates an identified checkout resource. If the checkout has already been processed it can not be deactivated.



  • checkout_reference string

    Possible values: <= 90 characters

    Unique ID of the payment checkout specified by the client application when creating the checkout resource.

  • id string

    Unique ID of the checkout resource.

  • amount float

    Amount of the payment.

  • currency string

    Possible values: [BGN, BRL, CHF, CLP, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HRK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, USD]

    Three-letter ISO4217 code of the currency for the amount. Currently supported currency values are enumerated above.

  • pay_to_email email

    Email address of the registered user (merchant) to whom the payment is made. It is highly recommended to use merchant_code instead of pay_to_email.

  • merchant_code string

    Unique identifying code of the merchant profile.

  • description string

    Short description of the checkout visible in the SumUp dashboard. The description can contribute to reporting, allowing easier identification of a checkout.

  • purpose string


    Purpose of the checkout creation initially

  • status string

    Possible values: [EXPIRED]

    Current status of the checkout.

  • date date-time

    Date and time of the creation of the payment checkout. Response format expressed according to ISO8601 code.

  • valid_until date-time

    Date and time of the checkout expiration before which the client application needs to send a processing request. If no value is present, the checkout does not have an expiration time.

  • merchant_name string

    Merchant name

  • transactions object[]

    List of transactions related to the payment.