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Request authorization from users

Request authorization from users and grant your application access to resources associated with the user's account.

Query Parameters
  • response_type string

    The type of the expected response. The value must be code to indicate that you expect to receive an authorization code.

    Example: code
  • client_id string

    The client ID of your application that was generated when you registered it.

    Example: fOcmczrYtYMJ7Li5GjMLLcUeC9dN
  • redirect_uri string

    The URI to which the merchant user is redirected after authorizing your application to access their user's account data and to which the authorization code is sent. The value must match exactly one of the registered URIs for your application.

  • scope string

    A space-separated list of scopes for which you request authorization. If you don't specify any scopes in the request, your application will be granted authorization for the default scopes.

    Example: payments
  • state string

    A unique local state that can be used for correlating requests and responses and for preventing cross-site request forgery.

    Example: 2cFCsY36y95lFHk4

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